Help me, Precision Wood Restoration. You’re my only hope.

Welcome to a special Halloween Edition of the Precision Wood Restoration weekly blog!

Please enjoy our Star Wars costume and feel free to drop candy off at our shop. Even after Halloween.

A long time ago in a home you’re living in now…
…you had a birthday party. Then a Christmas party. And throw New Years in there too. Don’t forget that your dog has nails that grow really fast – and he likes to run around your house. The chairs around the dinner table get moved every day for meals, they can scratch up the floor pretty nicely too.

“These are not the floors I was looking for,” you find yourself saying.

Well then we’re here to help!

Here’s a floor with signs of foot traffic, moved furniture, kids…normal wear sort of stuff, and in need of new color.

wood floor restauration
The Death Star doesn’t hold back when it comes to your floor. Lucky for us, and your floor, turbo-lasers can be set to a “sand” mode.

After everything is moved, the floor is sanded and readied for color.

wood floor restauration
Looks better than Alderaan, don’t you think?

In this instance, the customer wanted the floor to be similar in coloration to the walls.

wood floor restauration
With the right equipment, staining is easy.

wood floor restauration

I’m sure you’ve been in this situation.  After deciding to repaint your living room, you head to the paint store to pick out your color swatches.  After deciding on some shade of blue you paint the whole thing and realize that it looks much darker than you thought.  In this instance, the customer decided the picked color was more red than she originally thought.  Luckily we can do something about that.


Above you can see that the first few rows of boards are less red (and a bit darker) than the further ones.  Adding a coloring agent to the finish can (sometimes) make up for a mid-project change of mind.

And here is the finished floor! It’s so nice Darth Vader would want to take his boots off before he stepped on it.  Not that he’d have to, as this floor is hardy enough for even the most animated of lightsaber fights. Or your kids.


Have a safe and Happy Halloween! And may the floors be with you.