Commercial Wood Repair

Precision Wood Restoration provides the finest in commercial wood restoration.

Rental property

The woodwork on rental properties can show premature wear from frequent moves. As furniture and appliances are moved, cabinets, baseboards, stair rails and other woodwork can become scratched and dinged. Replacement is expensive and time-consuming. Let Precision Wood Restoration use our time-tested wood restoration techniques to remove those scratches and dings in a fraction of the time that it would take to replace.


Lobbies of banks and professional offices are the first part of your business that people see. Make a great impression by keeping the furniture and woodwork in top condition. Precision Wood Restoration will employ its wood restoration experience to make your lobby or waiting room look great. Good-looking wood makes a good impression. And your lobby will never be out of service. We apply our wood restoration skills after hours and on weekends. Imagine walking into your lobby or waiting room tomorrow morning and enjoying subtle beauty of newly-restored wood.


Real wood desks and chairs are the hallmark of top-tier professional offices. In the normal course of use, they can begin to look worn and tired. Replacement is expensive and disruptive. But, there is a solution… Precision Wood Restoration can use our wood restoration skills to remove unsightly scratches and replace the color in worn-through areas, and all without ever removing the furniture from its location. Our after-hours service lets us remove years of damage while your office is closed. While you enjoy the weekend, our technicians remove the signs of many years of wear. Next Monday, your customers will see the freshly restored beauty of your fine desks and chairs.


Let’s face it… restaurant chairs and table take a beating. This furniture used by many people every day and bumped into by the cleaning crew. Very soon, the legs of you chairs accumulate multiple scratches and dents. They start to look just a little sad.  Of course, replacement is a huge commitment. Fortunately, your chairs and tables can look great in just a short time with help from Precision Wood Restoration. Our on-site wood restoration practice allows us to quickly and efficiently remove the signs of wear from your furniture. And, your chairs never leave service. Our environmentally friendly wood restoration technology lets us repair your chairs right in the restaurant – while you’re closed or during “down” times. Call now for a free on-site estimate.


Hotel furniture gets damaged. And no wonder! The constant shuffling of baggage, the inattention of harried travelers and the frequent cleanings. All of these conspire to leave their marks on hotel tables, chairs, night stands and dressers.
While many hotels may be able to perform routine touch-up themselves, there is occasionally more extensive damage that requires the professional wood restoration techniques of Precision Wood Restoration. Schooled at the National Institute of Wood Finishing, our technicians have the training and experience to repair damaged hotel furniture on site. And we do it quickly and cost-effectively.