Hello, World!

Welcome to our first post! Take off your shoes and stay awhile.  Adventure with us as we explore the unique problems and solutions of Wood Finishing.  Come back often and you’ll see how we restore and fix a variety of objects from antique cash registers to the kitchen table.

Although the business is fairly new, our knowledge base is not. We were taught by one of the best of Wood Finishing, Mitch Kohanek.  As well as teaching us finishing in general, he also instilled in us the attitude to never stop asking questions.  Sure your desk started to crack down the middle, but why?  It was in grandma’s house for many years and it was fine, so why did it crack here? What can we do (if anything) to stop that from happening again? We’ve found that each piece is unique and so are it’s problems (and sometimes solutions).

This week we’re restoring pieces to an antique cash register (the one I mentioned in the first paragraph).  It’s from the 1890’s and once you start cleaning it you can certainly tell.

antique cash register

I tell myself that it’s dirt is from years of use in a candy store.  Little kids with grubby hands handing over change they have in their pockets for a tasty morsel, maybe homemade taffy (yum!).  With my desk full of the dirt and grime we’re cleaning off this piece, I’d much rather believe my candy story than John’s.  He thought it would be a shame if we found out it’s dirty from years of use in a manure store.  Licorice please!

We’re still in the process of cleaning the piece but we’ve gotten far.  See the little circles around the black design (click to enlarge the picture)? You’d never guess those were brass and they shiny up nice!  I’ll show some more pictures the closer we get to finishing.

Drop by again, and often, you’ll learn something new!  Besides, we have so much in common; you have furniture, we like furniture, we like fixing furniture. I think this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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