Heirloom & Residential

Precision Wood Restoration provides the best in furniture repair.

Antiques and Heirlooms

For heirloom pieces, Precision Wood Restoration can provide museum grade furniture repair. Repairs can include the fabrication of new parts, repair of veneers and the replacement of varnishes and coatings with historically-appropriate materials.

Dining Tables and Chairs

Dining tables are probably the busiest furniture in the home. Subject to constant use, they collect the scratches, dings and water marks of a busy family. Our furniture repair procedures allow us to repair much of this wear on site. Years of wear can be removed is just a few hours… all without your table ever leaving the home. The legs of chairs often develop scratches and abrasion as the chairs slide in and out from the table. These unsightly blemishes mar the appearance of otherwise beautiful furniture. Let us use our tested furniture repair techniques to remove the wear and refresh the appearance of your chairs.


Real wood doors add to the beauty of many fine homes. However, as people go in and out, carrying this and that, these doors frequently gather abrasion, scratches and other unsightly defects. Precision Wood Restoration can quickly remove those unattractive marks without the hassle and expense of completely refinishing the doors. We use the techniques of our furniture repair practice to beautify your doors like the fine furniture that they really are.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Our classic furniture repair techniques can also be used to renew or extend the life of kitchen and bath cabinets. Such cabinets get a lot of use and are frequently exposed to water, resulting in the loss of top coat and color. Kitchen cabinets are also exposed to cooking grease and fumes which eventually may damage the surface. We can clean and re-color these cabinets using tested furniture repair technology, all with minimal disruption to your life. You don’t even have to take the stuff out of your cabinets. Our furniture repair techniques allow us to repair them on site.

Dog and Cat Damage

Dog and cats are wonderful pets, but they can be hard on the woodwork of your home. Doors get scratched when your pet wants to go outside. The corners of furniture can be chewed. Don’t despair. Precision Wood Restoration can apply our furniture repair craftsmanship to the restoration of your furniture or woodwork that may have sustained pet damage. Don’t get rid of the dog! Call us to make look better fast.

Selling Your Home?

Ask your realtor…  Sparkling cabinets and woodwork make any home more desirable. Precision Wood Restoration can refresh those cabinets and spruce of the woodwork. Using the practices of the furniture repair business, we can bring older cabinets back to life… And for a fraction of the price of replacement.