The Sanity of a New Vanity

Well, a new looking vanity anyway. Spring is in the air!

The weather is changing, the clothes are changing and so is your furniture (or it could be).

It might look like it, but we did not make a new door and drawer for these cabinets (though we could).  We took the door off to do a color sample for the customer before the picture was taken.  In any case! Here’s a before picture of a bathroom vanity that’s seen a lot of showers, spilled water and hairspray.

The Sanity of a New Vanity
Insanity vanity

And here’s an after:

The Sanity of a New Vanity
A vanity to be vain about

The new look is pretty dramatic! We took the doors and drawers and colored them in the shop and we did the frames on site in one day.  That would be a nice surprise to come home to.

If you have some cabinets that are in need of a refresher give us a call!


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