About Precision Wood Restoration

People – Craftsmanship and Technology


John Hurn

Founded by John Hurn, Precision Wood Restoration exists to restore the beauty of damaged furniture, cabinets, molding and woodwork of all kinds.

Mr. Hurn grew up around wood in his father’s lumber business in Southern Illinois. There he leaned to make and repair wood windows while in high school.  He also learned the principles of fair dealing and honest value that characterize Precision Wood Restoration.

After a career in the technology world, Mr. Hurn decided to indulge his long-held passion for woodworking by attending the National Institute of Wood Finishing. Upon completion of his studies he opened Precision Wood Restoration, serving the greater St. Louis metropolitan area with the finest in wood restoration services.



Precision Wood Restoration works to combine traditional craftsmanship with the best in current technology to produce outstanding results for our clients.  Whenever possible, we use the latest in water-borne coatings to reduce odors and limit environment impact.

Craftmanship and Technology

Our on-site processes are a model of cleanliness and respect for client property.  Floors and sensitive surfaces are covered to protect them.  We use low-odor materials whenever possible.  When we leave, we take all trash and other materials with us.  The only trace of our work is the beautiful restoration of your furniture or cabinets.